In Vino Veritas

We took great care in selecting the best wines that reflect our true passion for Italian cuisine. Whether you are a wine-lover amateur or a professional looking for your next Grand Cru, we got you covered with our selection of red, white, rosé and sparkling. We also offer a small selection of wine by the glass and by carafe.

Sparkling Wines

Those beverages go well with any types of celebrations, the simplest of which may be celebrating life.

House Wines

Someone once said that wine is like bottled poetry! No need to buy a bottle though; our house wines come by the glass or carafe.

White Wines

A balance of New and Old World, with an emphasis of Italian wines, creates the perfect pairing with our seafood and light meat.

Rosé Wines

Very often consumed during the aperitif, rosé wines offer the perfect balance of acidity and fruitiness there is in wine.

Red Wines

From the classic Montepulciano to the more elegant Brunello di Montalcino, our red wines offer a great dining experience that should be shared with friends.



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